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FarmWeek Headlines

May 04, 2016 08:00AM

Champaign area orchard claims honey prize

Orchard cites specific pollen sources in the area for positive results.

May 04, 2016 01:00AM

Fertilizer research grant

The University of Illinois has received a $2.398 million USDA grant.

May 04, 2016 01:00AM

Purdue, CME Group develop Ag Economy Barometer report

Initial report finds general ag outlook remains difficult, with a strong majority of producers saying mostly "bad times" are ahead for 2016.

May 04, 2016 01:00AM

Questions about overtime proposal from Department of Labor

Significant change to exemptions could impact companies and small businesses, not just in agriculture but throughout the economy

May 04, 2016 01:00AM

Researchers looking to build better bioreactors

Scientists are taking a fresh look at an edge-of-the-field practice that reduces nitrogen losses in tile drainage.

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Be Aware of Farm Equipment on Roads
With the good weather, corn planting is progressing across Vermilion County and Illinois. Farmers are working hard to get fields ready for planting. Their equipment will be on the roads moving from field to field. Everyone needs to be alert to this farming activity and be safe on rural roadways.
And farmers need to make sure they use their warning lights and have a proper SMV emblem visible from the rear of their equipment.
Together we can make this a safe spring.

New Travel Discount Available
Vermilion County Farm Bureau members can now save $50 per person on any tour offered by Collette Tours. Whether it's a bus trip through the Rockies or travel to England or Austrailia, Collette has a number of trips avaialble throughout the year.
Click here to check out this new member discount!

Farm Bureau Celebrates Ag Week

For the 17th straight year, Vermilion County Farm Bureau is celebrating National Agriculture Week with our Placemat project. 20,000 placemats were distributed to 28 restaurants across Vermilion County. This year's placemat talks about Farm and Food FAQ's. The items on the placemat talk about various food topics, and provides an answer to consumers questions. The placemat also has a QR code which allows you to go to the question and answer section of the website.
On Thursday, March 17, farmers will be bagging groceries at the three Danville area County Market grocery stores. It's a chance for shoppers to put a face to the people that grow their food. Farmers will be bagging groceries from 1:30 - 3:30 pm this Thursday.

Trivia Night a Huge Success
Over 140 people on 18 trivia teams had a great time at the 4th Annual Farm Bureau Trivia Night. The theme was "Escape to Key West" and many teams got into the spirit of the evening. A total of more than $5,100 was raised to help support the Ag in the Classroom program.
Thanks go out to our sponsors, especially to our title sponsors:  Illini FS and Vermilion County Country Financial Agents.
Click here to see pictures from 2016 Trivia Night

Mark you calendars for 2017 - February 25 - Mardi Gras theme!

New Travel Discount Available
Vermilion County Farm Bureau members can now save $50 per person on any tour offered by Collette Tours. Whether it's a bus trip through the Rockies or travel to England or Austrailia, Collette has a number of trips avaialble throughout the year.
Click here to check out this new member discount!

Farm Bureau Hosts Legislators Roundtable
Vermilion County Farm Bureau members met with four of our state Legislators at a Roundtable Discussion on January 25.
The legislators present included: State Sen. Chapin Rose, State Sen. Scott Bennett, State Rep. Chad Hays and State Rep. Tom Bennett. The group discussed the budget issue and its impact on schools, Soil & Water Conservation Districts, and local governments.

97th Vermilion County Farm Bureau Annual Meeting
A crowd of 140 people attended Vermilion County Farm Bureau's 97th Annual Meeting on December 1. President Dennis Smith led his first meeting, and spoke about those in agriculture being survivors - the generation that ushered out horse-drawn equipment is now witnessing sub-inch GPS systems in equipment. Holly Spangler (above center), editor of the Prairie Farmer magazine, spoke about the issues she sees facing agriculture. 

Lisa Witsman Named Teacher of the Year
Lisa Witsman, a 3rd grade teacher at Judith Giacoma Elementary in Westville, was named the 2015 Ag in the Classroom Teacher of the Year. She eagerly looks forward to the AITC Open House each fall, where she reserves a number of Ag Kits for use in her classroom. Thanks to the Ag Kits, her students have created ‘plastic’ using corn products, studied monarch butterflies, and investigated real grasshoppers! Her students’ excitement grows whenever a new Ag Kit arrives. In addition to her use of educational materials, Mrs. Witsman also supports the program through participation in the Farm Bureau Trivia Nights. She's shown above in the center with Ag Literacy Coordinator Susie Willard (left) and her principal Pam Dalenberg.

Millers Named Spokespersons of the Year
Doug and Vickie Miller have been speaking out for agriculture their entire lives. And the Vermilion County Farm Bureau honored them with the Spokespersons of the Year Award at the Annual Meeting. They are shown on the left of the photo, along with Farm Bureau President Dennis Smith and Executive Director Kerry Wienke. The Miller's have devoted a great deal of time and energy to develop an agriculture museum on their farm. They have hosted groups and events on their farm, such as Vermilion Advantage Farm-City Breakfast and Leadership Tomorrow classes, along with Danville Area Community College trustees and employees. They were inducted into the Vermilion Advantage Business Hall of Fame this past spring. They never turn down an opportunity to talk about the history of agriculture, and the things farmers do to continue the agricultural legacy for the future.

Farm Bureau Joins Independent Map Petition Drive

Illinois Farm Bureau has joined the Independent Map Amendment coalition, which seeks to put a proposal to amment the Illinois Constitution before voters.
The proposal would create an 11-member independent redistricting commission to draw legislative districts for General Assembly members every 10 years. The coalition is working to collect 600,000 signatures to get the question on the November 8, 2016 ballot.
Petitions are available at the Farm Bureau office, 1905-C U.S. Route 150, Danville.

New Program Benefits Members & Animal Shelter

Vermilion County Farm Bureau has a new member benefit that will cover the adoption fees for one cat or dog each month for the next year at the Vermilion County Animal Shelter.   The fee waiver will be given to the first Associate ‘A+’ or Farming ‘M’ member requesting the offer each month.  That’s a savings of $75 to $125 on the adoption expenses, which includes having pets spayed or neutered, a health exam, first round of vaccinations, and first-year rabies shot and tag.

There is no expiration time during the month – it’s good until the first qualifying member uses the program.  

Pets available for adoption at the shelter changes every day.  Stop by and see all of the adorable cats and dogs.  The Vermilion County Animal Shelter is located at 14775 Catlin Tilton Road (across from the nursing home).  Adoption hours are Monday through Friday – 11:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and 2nd/4th Saturdays – noon to 3:00 p.m.

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