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   Board of Directors Meeting - April 15
   Earth Day - April 22
   Arbor Day - April 30

   Nurse Practitioners Scholarship Deadline - May 1
   IVET Program Deadline - May 15
   Board of Directors - May 20  

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Spring is a busy time in the fields. Farmers work between rainstorms to work the ground and plant the crops. That means tractors and equipment will be on country roads. Please drive with caution, slow down when you see the farm equipment, and everyone will have a safe spring.

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Vermilion County Farm Bureau Recognizes Award Winners

Stay Safe on Country Roads

 Curt was active with the Young Leaders Committee, and has been on the Board of Directors since 2015. He has written farming articles for The Sidell Reporter for 12 years, helping the non-farm public know about issues impacting agriculture. He has also participated in the Leaders to Washington program.

Joan teaches 4th-6th grade Language Arts. She previously taught for 20 years in Danville District 118. She has utilized Ag in the Classroom for nearly all her 25 years of teaching in Danville. She came to Danville from the south Chicago suburbs 32 years ago, and admits she and her students alike have learned so much about farming and food through Ag in the Classroom.

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Mark served on the Board of Directors for 18 years (1999-2016), including twelve as an officer. He has been a strong member recruiter. Mark is a great supporter of Ag in the Classroom, and volunteers with his wife, Susie, on the joint project with Douglas Discovery Garden. He is also chairman of the Vermilion County Farm Bureau Foundation.

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Vermilion County Farm Bureau is pleased to announce our 2020 award winners presented at the 102nd Annual Meeting.