Any classroom in Vermilion County can reserve one of these kits to let your students see how chicks or butterflies come to life.  

Note:  Your class can reserve only one kit - either an incubator or a pollinator kit.

These are the check-out periods for each kit:

Pollinator Kits - April 19 thru May 14

Incubators - February 22 thru March 25 or April 5 thru May 7

Thea Gernand serves as

Vermilion County Farm

Bureau's Ag Literacy

Coordinator. She is a native of the county, and went to Illinois State. She and her husband Luke live on their farm east of Potomac. She works to help students in Vermilion County learn more about farming and where their food comes from.

Here's the latest Ag in the Classroom Newsletter!

Joan Dale Named

AITC Teacher of the Year

Joan Dale, a language arts teacher for Schlarman Academy 4th - 6th grades, is the 2020 Ag in the Classroom Teacher of the Year. Ms. Dale came to Danville from the south Chicago suburbs 32 years ago. She admits she and her students alike have learned so much about farming and food through Ag in the Classroom. Dale previously taught twenty years for Danville District 118, and utilized AITC for many of those years. She is in her fifth year at Schlarman Academy,  where she continues to utilize the program. Last spring when schools shut down, Mrs. Dale was one of the teachers that used our Grab & Go activity bags for remote lessons.

Previous AITC Teachers of the Year
2019 - Chris Jaruseski, Mark Denman Elementary, Danville

2018 - Sue Heidle, Danville Lutheran School, Danville

2017 - Michelle Lawhorn, Mark Denman Elem, Danville

2016 - Mandy Mourer, Northest Magnet Elem, Danville

2015 - Lisa Witsman, Judith Giacoma Elementary, Westville
2014 - Kathy Carmody, East Park Elementary, Danville
2013 - Lisa Unzicker, Northeast Magnet Elem, Danville
2012 - Diana Pratt, Danville Lutheran School, Danville
2011 - Carol Finley, Bismarck-Henning Elem, Bismarck
2010 - Kammie Richter, Oakwood Jr High, Oakwood

Ag in the Classroom is a one of the biggest programs conducted by

Vermilion County Farm Bureau.

Through Ag in the Classroom, teachers have access to free materials, lesson plans, classroom presentations and access to thematic learning kits. 

Meet our Ag Literacy Coordinator 

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