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Ag in the Classroom is a one of the biggest programs conducted by the Vermilion County Farm Bureau.

Through Ag in the Classroom, teachers have access to free materials, lesson plans, classroom presentations and access to thematic learning kits.

Meet Our Ag Lady

Susie Willard is the
Ag Literacy Coordinator for
Vermilion County Farm Bureau.


Susie retired in 2011 from Liberty Elementary School in Danville after a 35 year teaching career. She and her husband Mark farm in the Rossville area.
She conducts classroom presentations, organizes teacher workshops, and reviews materials in our Ag Kit library.
In 2016 she was named the AISWCD K-8 Teacher of the Year!
If you have any questions, you can contact them via email at aitc.vcfb@comcast.net or call the Farm Bureau at 217-442-8713.

Mandy Mourer Named AITC Teacher of the Year

Mandy Mourer, a fifth grade teacher at Northeast Magnet Elementary School, was named the 2016 Ag in the Classroom Teacher of the Year. She teaches fifth grade, and incorporates agriculture in her lessons as she teaches the development of the country from east to west. She utilizes the Ag Kits through AITC, and enjoys the presentations given by Ag Literacy Coordinator Susie Willard. She's shows on the left with her daughter Lydia, Susie Willard (in the middle) and her principal Kelly Truex.

Previous AITC Teachers of the Year
2015 - Lisa Witsman, Judith Giacoma Elementary, Westville
2014 - Kathy Carmody, East Park Elementary, Danville
2013 - Lisa Unzicker, Northeast Magnet Elem, Danville
2012 - Diana Pratt, Danville Lutheran School, Danville
2011 - Carol Finley, Bismarck-Henning Elem, Bismarck
2010 - Kammie Richter, Oakwood Jr High, Oakwood