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After an eventful 2017, the USEPA issued revised labels for the three dicamba products that are labeled for use on genetically engineered crops, including soybeans on October 13, 2017.

USEPA made Engenia (BASF), XtendiMax (Monsanto) and FeXapan (DuPont) Restricted Use Pesticides, which means that only certified applicators (private applicators and commercial applicators) can purchase these products and a record of sale must be kept by pesticide dealers who sell the products.
The new labels for these products require that all applicators of the product must be trained on the proper use of these products; this includes private and commercial applicators and operators. You must make and keep a record of the application, and proof of training must accompany the record of application.  

The Illinois agriculture industry  - including Illinois Farm Bureau and the Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association - is working together to offer classroom training opportunities for private applicators (farmers), commercial applicators and operators to ensure all applicators have the opportunity to use these products properly in 2018, in accordance with the new label requirements. There are significant changes in the product labels that must be followed and the training will provide detailed explanations and examples of proper dicamba use. At this point, only classroom training is being offered to fulfill the training requirement in order to ensure thorough understanding of the labels and provide interaction with the instructors.

Upcoming sessions closest to Vermilion County include:

- Jan 23, Gilman, 8 am

- Jan 23, Gibson City, 1:30 pm-

- Feb 7, Champaign, 4 pm

- Feb 12, Teutopolis, 3:30 pm

- Feb 16, Effingham, 3:00 pm

- Feb 22, Bradley, 3:00 pm

- Feb 26, Decatur, 3:00 pm

- Mar 9, Champaign, 3:00 pm


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