​​​ Vermilion County Farm Bureau
  Serving Vermilion County Agriculture Since 1918

Vermilion County Farm Bureau

held its 105th Annual Meeting

on Tuesday, November 28.

Inspirational speaker Steve

Gilliland gave a fantastic pre-

sentation, urging the crowd to

"Enjoy the Ride." In addition to

electing directors, three awards were presented.

Ohlmiller Is AITC Teacher of the Year

Speaking up for agriculture is a

never-ending passion for Mary Ellen

Fricke. Her past professional roles

have included developing marketing

strategies for agri-businesses like

Golden Harvest and DMI. She served

as Illinois Farm Bureau’s promotion

manager for 15 years, working on

campaigns for promotional commit-

tees and statewide campaigns.

She’s always looking for a way to share the farmer’s story, whether through Trivia Night questions or contests at Danville Dans games.


We Are The 96%

Vermilion County Farm

Bureau members are

urged to post signs on

their property to

promote the IL Farm

Bureau $1,000 Crime

Reward Program. It offers a $1,000 reward to the person that gives information leading to the felony conviction of a person or persons committing theft, damage to property, arson or similar felony crimes against ag production-related property in Illinois. The signs are available at the Farm Bureau office. The first sign is free, with additional signs available for cost ($2.50). There are also stickers available that the be placed on your property as a deterrent to rural crime.

Casey's is promoting the "We Are The 96%" campaign during harvest, with stores across Illinois provided flyers featuring farm families on pizza boxes ordered during October. So if you're picking up a pizza to take to the field, or home to the family, look for the We Are The 96% flyer.

Resolutions Committee an unprecedented three times and guided the organization through changes in membership processing at the state level. He continues to be active by supporting Foundation activities and staying connected to current board actions. 

Calendar of Events

​   IFB Annual Meeting - December 2-5

   Holiday Foods Pickup Date - December 14

   Board of Directors Meeting - December 21

   Office Closed for Christmas - December 25-26

   Office Closed for New Years - January 1

Farm Bureau Holds 105th

Annual Meeting

the Classroom has been a natural partnership to bring agriculture and science alive within the classroom. It teaches children how to interact positively with nature and understand where their food and resources come from.  

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David Sadler has immersed himself into making Vermilion County Farm Bureau better. Dave was first elected to the board in 2004. Two years later, he became President and held that role for eight years. During this time, he served on the state 

Credit Card accepted for Membership Payments

Fricke Named Spokesperson of the Year

Mindy Ohlmiller is the Kindergarten grade teacher at Trinity Lutheran School in Danville. She takes a fun – and sometimes silly – approach to teaching her students. They enjoy choosing names for their hatching chicks or observing squirrels eating pumpkin seeds after the class read Pumpkin Jack. She says that Ag in 

Sadler Receives Distinguished Service Award