​​ Vermilion County Farm Bureau
  Serving Vermilion County Agriculture Since 1918

2022 Executive Committee

Milton Dalenberg - Vice President

Dennis Smith - President

Curt Elmore - Secretary

Mark Shepherd - Treasurer

Cole Acton - Danville

Brian Blackford - Armstrong

Milton Dalenberg - Indianola, Vice President

B J DeAth - Indianola

Curt Elmore - Allerton, Secretary

Andy Gernand - Potomac

Steve Huls - St. Joseph

Tyler Johnson - Royal

The Vermilion County Farm Bureau is a non-profit membership organization serving our members through activities, educational seminars, legislative representation, and membership discounts.


Kerry Wienke - Executive Director

Tom Fricke - Director of Information

Barbie Wombles - Membership Secretary

Missy Buhr- Ag Literacy Coordinator

The Vermilion County Farm Bureau is led by a farmer-member volunteer board of fifteen members. They serve three-year terms (with five directors elected each year), serving a total of three terms. The board is led by the President, who is elected annually with the tenure of eight years.

The current president is Dennis Smith of rural Ridge Farm. The other board members include:

Greg Learnard - Catlin

Ted Olson - Danville

Mark Shepherd - Fithian, Treasurer

Jason Smith - Georgetown

Tyler Turner - Danville

Daniel Wagoner - Hoopeston
Jay Winland - Georgetown