Number of Vermilion County Farms

= 1,009

Acres of farmland in Vermilion County

= 445,066 acres

Percent of Vermilion County that is farmland
= 77%

2023 Corn Production

= 43.903million bushels - tied for 9th in Illinois

    down 5.5% from the previous year

 Average yield was 204.2 bushels per acre

2023 Soybean Production

= 14.296 million bushels - 6th in Illinois
    a 1.2% drop from 2022

Vermilion County has a rich agricultural heritage. From our fertile soils to food manufacturers, Vermilion County is a large part of our food production industry in Illinois

Vermilion County farms are some of the most productive in Illinois. We annually rank in the top 10 in soybean production, and top 15 in corn production.

Local farmers have also embraced environmental stewardship of the land. Vermilion County leads the state in no-till production of soybeans, and there are thousands of acres enrolled in CRP and other environmental preservation programs.

Agriculture is also a big factor of our local economy. Nearly 1 in every 3 manufacturing and transportation jobs in Vermilion County is ag-related -- from grain processors to food manufacturers to distributors.
Here's a list of the many Vermilion County Ag-related Businesses

Bunge - the world's largest dry corn mill
Quaker - manufacturer of pancake mix, granola bars, cereals and much more
McLane Midwest, Sygma - distributers of food products to restaurants, convenience stores, nursing homes, and many others
Viscofan - maker of hot dog casings
Sleepy Creek Vineyards - local vineyard growing grapes and making wine
REG Energy - production of biodiesel fuel
International Greenhouse Company - wholesale and Internet distributor of greenhouse equipment

Full Fill Industries - manufactures and packaging of cooking sprays, including Pam

​​​ Vermilion County Farm Bureau
  Serving Vermilion County Agriculture Since 1918